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A professionally designed Orchestra Conducting Course must presuppose a gradual approach, taking into account that the presence of the actual orchestra would not only be superfluous, but even counterproductive. Therefore, this course contemplates:

1. a limited number of effective students so that the teacher can build a personalized study path with each one

2. a mole of lesson hours aimed at certifying ability, acquiring mastery of the technique, and favoring/promoting the assimilation of contents

3. the choice of a suitable repertoire for the didactic objectives relevant to the course

4. the use of two pianos for the concertation phase

These are the essential principles for acquiring the basic formative solidity, which will allow the student to face the orchestra with the indispensable confidence to manage it with authority and determination: the experience teaches in fact that disregarding these principles, above all by imposing immediately the presence of the orchestra, usually gives results to say the least embarrassing. Thus configured, this course represents an unavoidable opportunity for those who want to undertake the study of orchestra conducting in a serious, constructive and effective manner.

The logistical aspects, the telephone and e-mail of the secretariat, the venue, the period, the timetable and the program of the course will be communicated shortly.