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COMO   “The Villa Bellingardi project started on the right notes”
The Academy directed by Fabbri is wonderful

“(…) The stalls of the Sociale di Como theatre were filled (…). On stage, the “Accademia Filarmonica Italiana” chamber orchestra conducted by Luigi Fabbri with a confident and elegant gesture. (…) Their generosity has been rewarded by very warm applause (even out of time for too much solicitude) that have determined two encore.”

(Maria Terraneo Fonticoli: Como, La Provincia, Friday, May 3rd, 1996)

COMO   “The verb “emigrate” in poetry and music”
Success at Villa Erba

“(…) the willing and disciplined «Accademia Filarmonica Italiana» offered the execution of two symphonies by Mozart, the KV 201 and the KV 425 «Linz». Luigi Fabbri was a clear, effective and elegant conductor. Many applauses for all.”

(Maria Terraneo Fonticoli: Como, La Provincia, Wed., October 14th, 1998)

COMO   “The Accademia Filarmonica shines”

“Two big concerts by Corelli and four by Vivaldi for the Accademia Filarmonica Italiana, a complex of fifteen elements of great value individually, but well compacted in the common search for phraseological breath in style and flexible dynamics. Merit above all of the conductor Luigi Fabbri with his ample gesture and clear ideas that have guaranteed precise cohesion and clear sounding executions. (…) Intense and repeated applauses; an encore. “

(Maria Terraneo Fonticoli: Como, La Provincia, Monday, June 14th, 1999)

MENDRISIO  (CH)   “A beautiful orchestra”
Fabbri in Mendrisio

“(…) Radiant, mozartian, the Fifth symphony D 485 by Schubert: (…) it was made to appear by the performers in all its engaging, harmonious discursiveness, so fluid, so spontaneous (…). In Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony, the orchestra also had the chance to shine solemnly since Fabbri played a lot on timbre dialogue. An inspired choice that reveals a beautiful predisposition to the expressiveness of plastically vibratile phrasing, aimed at highlighting every emotional nuance, without, however, neglecting the overall sense of a classicism based on the infallibility of proportions. (…). A great concert.”

(Maria Terraneo Fonticoli: Como, La Provincia, Monday, June 12th, 2000)

LUGANO   “Mozart knows how to exalt the Ukrainian ensembles”  
Success in Lugano

A very warm success, confirmed by prolonged applause, rewarded, on Friday in the church of the Sacred Heart of Lugano, the skill and commitment of the excellent Ukrainian ensembles. The State Orchestra and Choir were in fact on the scene (…) directed by the Como-born Luigi Fabbri with impetus, passion and total adhesion, therefore very involving, but always kept under control by an intelligence ready to grasp, with remarkable musical instinct, the interpretative lines translated in meticulous gestural clarity. His willingness to make everything expressive and motivated on emotion is appreciable, with lively dynamic accentuations as well as a certain spread of sensations and offers, almost an omen of an impending Romanticism.

(Maria Terraneo Fonticoli: Como, La Provincia, Sunday, April 2nd, 2000)

LUGANO   “The Mozartian magic enhanced by Cigoli”

(…) A second reason of interest can be identified in the presence on the podium of the conductor Luigi Fabbri directing the orchestra «Alfredo Catalani» of Lucca, formed by very young people who with his charisma he knew how to lead, involving everyone in an unforgettable experience. These students of the orchestral training course (…) found themselves facing an “important” repertoire under the guidance and in contact with serious and titled professionals (…).

(Maria Terraneo Fonticoli: Como, La Provincia, Wed., February 14th, 2001)

LUGANO   “Young Talents”

(…) The instrumental ensemble composed of about forty elements between strings and horns, was guided through the pages of Mozart by the skilful hand of Luigi Fabbri. The concert (…) attracted a large audience.

(Israel Colombo; Como, Il Corriere di Como, Wed., February 14th, 2001)

MILAN   “Sant’Alessandro Church: CONCERT”

(…) The large audience attending decreed with each performance a great success mainly to the Maestro Luigi Fabbri who directed the Orchestra da Camera of Milan with expressive sensitivity and with a very particular musical legacy in that absolute masterpiece which is the Stabat Mater.

(Roberto Bellotti: Milano,  CORRIERE DEL TEATROVol. 2° April, May, June 2009)

CAMPIONE D’ITALIA   “Notes full of delicacy”
The balanced performance of the Nagyvárady Symphony Orchestra

“On the podium there was the Maestro Luigi Fabbri, a musician from Como, who has a remarkable career behind him (…). I would say that these aspects prevailed in all the interpretations: the balance, the wayver of any forcing, the careful control of the details, in short, the offering of music with simplicity and delicacy. Which basically is the best way to bring out the value of the pieces performed. So I particularly liked the extraordinary music that is the allegretto of Beethoven’s seventh symphony. Also the execution of Mendelssohn’s fourth symphony was worthy of wide praise, always within the framework of an interpretative line coherently followed with a light hand (…). The very numerous public applauded intensely.

(Carlo Rezzonico; Lugano,Giornale del Popolo, Tuesday, April 21st 2009)

CAMPIONE D’ITALIA   “A great concert at the Nuovo Casinò of Campione d’Italia”

(…) The Conductor Maestro Luigi Fabbri directed with sobriety, musicality, personality, attentive to the dynamism of the signs, deepening his sensitivity of great temperament, especially in Beethoven’s seventh symphony.

(Roberto Bellotti: Milan, CORRIERE DEL TEATRO)

MILAN   “Homage to the Baroque”

On Sunday May 3rd, a concert by the Accademia Filarmonica Italiana was held in the Basilica of St. Augustine in Milan, conducted by Luigi Fabbri. (…) The concert was a vibrant success with a large audience.

(Giancarlo Landini; Milan, L’Opera n° 301, June 2015)