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Founded in 1994 and permanently conducted by Maestro Luigi Fabbri, the Orchestra immediately received warm acclaim from the public and appreciative reviews from critics for the fine quality of the productions and the variety of programs offered, thanks also to a flexibility that allows the extrapolation of chamber ensembles.Immagine 030(1)

The natural alternations linked to the need for replacements and additions to the workforce have led to changes in the name; from Academia Comensis, to Accademia Filarmonica Italiana, up to the current European Classical Orchestra to reflect the identity of a group that has not been defined once and for all, but is open to renewal with the introduction of new and only young components and to a wider geographical and cultural basin, in the certainty of how profitable it is to create synergies between different experiences, notwithstanding the idea of co-opting for charismatic figures, to give life to an as varied as possible team from the human point of view, but also cohesive in pursuing the creation of an emerging identity in terms of production quality.

The modern young and multicultural components of the organic are therefore a peculiar feature of the Orchestra and testify to the meaning of a project that finds, so to speak, a “stage victory”; a natural reflection of a sensitivity that is willing to accept and embrace the demands generated by the great epochal challenges, not least that of a globalization that would be anachronistic to misunderstand.

The European Classical Orchestra is today a cosmopolitan intertwining of lives and stories of people rich in a wealth of personal experiences so varied, that they can contribute in an original and effective way to its significant growth, guaranteeing performances of great quality, from the technical, as well as artistic, point of view: this is also, or perhaps above all, due to the awareness of being privileged mediators between author and public. Therefore the musicians of ECO are driven by a strong motivational charge, linked to each other by a relationship of reciprocal esteem in a spirit of constructive collaboration, in the awareness of how each one is responsible to their Colleagues, to consolidate that feeling of belonging that is realized in the ability to listen to oneself by listening.